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Bernice H. Kramer, M.Ed.
About College Counseling Consultants
College selection is a complex process. Many students and parents assume this responsibility without the experience and expertise of a qualified educational consultant. 

Based in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida, and serving all of Palm Beach County, College Counseling Consultants provides comprehensive full-service college counseling and tutorial preparation for standardized college entrance examinations. The goal is to conscientiously prepare students so they can achieve academic success. 

With 30 years of experience, Bernice  Kramer is adept at identifying learning differences and can adjust her instruction to meet each student's specific needs.  She takes a personal interest in all her students, teaching each of them in a caring, professional manner. 
Bernice founded College Counseling Consultants in 1986 to help prepare students for college entrance exams and to provide assistance with all aspects of the college admission process. 
Bernice received her Bachelor of Science degree in Education, cum laude, from Bowling Green State University. Her Master of Education was awarded at Florida Atlantic University.  
Originally from Cleveland, Ohio, Bernice has lived in Palm Beach County for 40 years. She has three children, all of them alums of Georgetown University,with two earning graduate degrees, one from Georgetown Law and the other from UNC- Chapel Hill.
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