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College Entrance and Secondary School Examinations 
Instruction is offered through private tutoring or group classes. The curriculum includes a thorough explanation of the exam, tips on how to accurately answer various types of questions, a comprehensive review of both the verbal and math areas, and practice sessions in solving actual test problems.
1. College Selection and Placement
In-depth interviews are conducted with the student and the parents to explore and define educational, personal and career goals. An objective and complete assessment of the student's record- academic transcript, test profile and extracurricular involvement- allows the counselor to evaluate the student's strengths and weaknesses. A thorough survey of colleges and universities (using knowledge acquired by extensive research and campus visits) is conducted in order to recommend a number of schools suited for each student.
2. College Visits and Interviews
​Students and parents are helped in arranging college interviews and campus visits, plus guidance on how to prepare for the interview.
College Counseling Comprehensive Program:
3. College Application Preparation
​The student is assisted in all phases of completing college applications in a manner that emphasizes the student's strengths. Particular attention is given to the college essay, its content and its grammatical usage. Too often, students forget or do not consider past achievements significant. Remember- the only way college admissions officers can really get to know a student is by what the student tells them!
4. Financial Aid and Scholarships
​Counseling is offered to help students and parents learn about federal, regional and state programs for financial aid. Various grants, loans and scholarships are available, but it is essential to determine whether the student can qualify for appropriate financial aid. Many scholarships are easier to obtain than one may think; you just need to know how to seek them out!
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